Lost Wonder Hut


What do I do if the trailhead parking is full when I arrive?

  • You can choose to park in the Monarch Lodge parking lot, just across the street from the trailhead. Please check in with their front desk as it is $5 per vehicle per night. 
  • Please do not park, load, or unload in the Monarch Snowmobile Tours lot. Your vehicle needs to be behind the signs in the public lot at all times. 

How do I get to the hut after arriving at the trailhead?

  • In the summer and into part of the fall you can either hike or 4×4 into the hut. You will need a vehicle with some clearance and be confident driving a rough road. 
  • In the winter and spring, you can either: splitboard, tele, AT ski, or snowshoe in. Alternately you can snowmobile and occasionally it is possible to xc ski all the way into the hut but that is unknown and the trail would need to be packed down. 

How long does it take to get to the Hut in the winter?

  • If you are traveling on a broken trail, and you’re a faster group, it will take 2-3 hrs.  Average group time is 3-4 hrs, slow groups will take 4-5 hrs.  A fast person without a pack will take 1 hr. 

Any tips or tricks on driving to the hut?

  • A 4×4 vehicle or all-wheel drive with some clearance is necessary to drive this road. There are two tricky locations on the road and it can be helpful to go and look at them before trying to drive them. The first one is right out of the trailhead. We recommend walking up to the first hairpin corner and taking a look at the road in there. You need to stay pretty far left around that corner. Then, when you get to the Boss Lake TH you are about halfway to the hut and there are lots of places to park a vehicle, the next really tricky section is about a 1/4 mile up the road from the trailhead (maybe even less). We suggest walking up again and checking it out. Here too you need to stay far left to avoid ripping out the side wall of your tires. If it looks good then you will make it up to the hut no problem. On the way back, reverse the process and stay far right down those two places. 

How do I get the door code?

  • The door code will be sent to your email once your party leader has signed the Group Leader Waiver.

Are dogs allowed at the Hut?

  • Yes! You are welcome to bring your furry companions along to the Hut. We just ask that you are considerate to other guests by stomping out yellow snow, removing big messes directly outside the Hut (more a summer issue), and sweeping carefully when you leave the Hut.

How many people does the Hut sleep?

  • There are beds for up to 14 people.  More people can stay at the Hut, for an additional fee of $54 a person a night.

What’s the configuration of the bunks?

  • You’ll find six beds in the main room upstairs, a double bed in each of two small private rooms off the main room with the ability to add an additional bed, one-bed space in a loft above that main room, and two beds in the common room downstairs.

Is water accessible all year long?

  • Yes. Water is accessed about 100 yards down the trail from the Hut from a hose connected to a mountain spring up the mountain. This water flows all year (though snow may need to be shoveled aside in the winter to expose the end of the hose), and we provide water jugs in the Hut you can use to collect water for your stay.

What is the check-in and check-out time?

  • Check-in time is 1:00, and check-out time is 11:00.

What is provided in the kitchen?

  • The kitchen is fully equipped with pots, pans, a gas cooking stove, oven, utensils, cutting boards, coffee pots, french presses, mixing bowls, water jugs, etc. Everything is provided.

Where do we store food?

  • Cold food can be stored in a cabinet inside the woodshed. 
  • A blue tub is provided for dry storage inside the hut. 

Is firewood provided?

  • Firewood is provided for all winter users for use in the wood stove. 
  • Summer users are asked to bring their own firewood.
    • Please never leave an outdoor fire unattended.

Is the small cabin next to the Hut part of my rental?

  • The small cabin by the Hut is private and not part of the rental of the Lost Wonder Hut.

Is there cellphone service?

  • There is some cell service in and around the hut from most carriers. You can generally send out text messages. We recommend a backup communication device like an inReach. 
  • For more detail on cell coverage check out this site which provides a map

Can our group graffiti and write on the hut walls?

  • You’ll see written mementos of past hut groups on the walls throughout the hut. While some of the earlier graffiti alludes to a rich hut history, recent additions have gotten a little out of hand, and as such, we ask that you and your group members do not add graffiti to the walls during your stay. We would appreciate you respecting this request and passing it along to the rest of your group.

What do we do with our trash and recycle?

  • Cans are provided for both trash and recycle and we ask that you please pack it out with you.